Beautiful You Images - Albuquerque, New Mexico Boudoir Photography




Q: I’m nervous about this! What’s your advice?

A: Being nervous is totally normal, but I promise your nerves will melt away once we begin! I will only shoot you within your comfort level.  This can be as tame or sexy as you like.


Q: Will my session stay private?

A: Absolutely! Images are never shared without your permission. In the event that you love your images so much and you want me to share them  you will be given a proof sheet. On this sheet you will let me know which images are acceptable to share. Your real name will never be used and I will never tag you on social media. While I would love to share your images there is no requirement in order to book a session. 


Q: How much does a session cost and what is included?

A:  Boudoir, maternity, and beauty session fees begin at $350. This includes a one hour session, professional hair and makeup application, the retouching of your images, and the in-person image reveal and ordering session. Products are not included. For a list of all pricing and what products we offer see the price sheet in the tab above.


Q: Must products be paid for in full on the day of the ordering session?

A:  I offer a payment plan for all of our products. It is important to me that everyone leave with the albums and wall art that they desire. However, payment in full must be made before your products are ordered. Once you begin payments you will not be allowed to cancel you order.  You will not be disappointed in this investment in yourself!


Q: After my order is placed, will I be able to purchase more products from my shoot in the future?
A: Absolutely! We save each shoot for one year after the original purchase date. Please keep in mind that pricing may change.


Q: Can I bring a friend to my session?

A: I understand that you might be nervous and need moral support so I don't mind a female friend tagging along at all. Please contact me beforehand though. I do ask that they stay out of the way and quietly watch on the sidelines. Here is an even better idea. Why don't you and your friend both book back to back photo shoots so you can enjoy the experience together! It is a non-negotiable requirement that all significant others stay at home. 


Q: This all sounds great so how do I book a shoot? 

A: Click on the contact us tab above and we will get back with you within 24 hours to schedule your shoot. We look forward to meeting you and making great images together!