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Cooking with Kara

A week ago I was on Facebook and saw an ad for a cooking class being held downtown. I have been looking for ways to meet new people since I am still fairly new to town and this looked perfect! I love to cook and could meet people at the same time! I clicked on the video and found that the class was being held by Kara Grant at the Downtown Historic Bed and Breakfast. I immediately signed up for the class on Friday, 26 January.

Of course the night of class I misplaced my car key and so was the last to arrive at the B&B. No worries though as I was still not late. WHEW! Kara and her husband Steve did a fantastic job setting up everything. The dining room had beautiful china and there was a menu set up of what we were going to cook that evening. 

All images taken with my cell phone.

All images taken with my cell phone.


In the kitchen we each had a station set up with all of the ingredients and kitchen implements needed to prepare the items on our menu.


We followed each recipe outlined in our cookbook while Kara and Steve walked around making sure we didn't have any questions and offering help when needed. Up first was the yogurt parfaits with homemade granola and fresh fruit.

Next we made scones and got to try a Danish dough hook. I have only used my Kitchen Aid or a pastry cutter so it was fun to try something different.

After the scones, we made vegetarian breakfast enchiladas. I am not a big fan of eggs but this was really tasty. I will be making this again for sure!

A dish I was excited to try was the apple crepes with cranberry glaze. It was a multi-step recipe but not complicated at all. I will be getting a crepe pan so I can make these for my family.

And of course no breakfast is complete without a sangria! Kara showed us how to cut out the middle of a pineapple with a corer. We then drank the sangria right out of the pineapple. How fun!

This was such a fun learning experience. I now have some great new recipes, made some friends, and have a few new skills to cook breakfast. Kara was a wonderful instructor and I highly recommend taking a class from her. I know I will be signing up for the next class when her menu changes! Oh and Steve, thanks for washing all the dishes non-stop all night!

Interested in the class or looking for a unique place to get away from it all? Click on the link to find out more about what is offered at the Downtown Historic Bed and Breakfast!