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Art Nouveau as Inspiration

 I love reworking my images and finding inspiration in other works of art. When I was attending the Art Institute we had to create a piece based on a past art form. I picked a piece by  Alphonse Much, a lithograph titled "Dance". It is from the period when art nouveau was popular. Art Nouveau was a style of art between 1890 and 1910 and could be found in architecture, painting, interior design, and jewelry to name a few. It found inspiration in plants and flowers. Below is the piece from Alphonse Mucha.


Once I picked my inspiration piece I went through my images and found this one of Hannah. I knew it was perfect!

Hannah's Photo Shoot-2282.jpg

Then I went online and started finding stock images that would go with my vision.


Below is the images as I was putting it together.

Art Nouveau Project2.jpg

After some more work and reworking it several times I am quite happy with the final image. I hope you enjoy it was well!

Art Nouveau Project Redo.jpg
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