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Boudoir: A fun way to celebrate beautiful you!


Over the summer I will be writing blogs on the different type of sessions I offer at Beautiful You Images. Up first is one of my most requested sessions. BOUDOIR!

So how exactly do you pronounce this fancy French word? Boudoir, is pronounced “boo-dwahr” or if you are feeling extra fancy “boo-dwa”. While the term boudoir is French for bedroom, now a days it describes a variety of things including furniture, clothing and a genre of photography.  As a boudoir photographer my style tends to be feminine, flirty, creative, and artistic.

I will always create a fun and laid back environment so you feel comfortable during your session. This helps you relax and allows me to provide you with classy images that reveal your feminine side. Each session is catered to your personality. The tone can range from demure to fiercely sexy to fine art, depending on your desires.

Location is always an important decision for these types of sessions. I can come to your home, a hotel, or an outdoor location of your choosing. There are some beautiful, remote, outdoor locations in the area. So if you are feeling brave and want something a little different we can find that perfect outdoor location for your shoot. This may take a bit of extra time to coordinate so please let me know well in advance of when you want to book.Please keep in mind that any location fees incurred are the responsibility of the client. 

Here we are in a clients home doing a styled boudoir shoot.

Professional hair and make-up is such an essential part of the experience; it can make or break your shoot, so that is why I have a list of fantastic make-up and hair artists to refer you to for your shoot! They know exactly what look will work best for you, and what looks best for different lighting conditions. Photography makeup differs from normal makeup, and even though you might have things mastered with your daily makeup, a professional makeup artist will have you looking like a super model in no time! 

Makeup by Angela Reno  Hair by Kaitlyn Evinger

Makeup by Angela Reno

Hair by Kaitlyn Evinger

One of the most frequently asked questions is, "What should I wear?" Clients are constantly inquiring about what is "acceptable" boudoir attire. The answer is: whatever you want! Boudoir attire is all about what makes you feel sexy and confident. I have ladies bring in everything from classic black dresses to barely-there lace underwear. You can reveal as much or as little as you want. Classic boudoir attire typically includes items such as bra and panty sets, chemises, corsets, and teddies.  Contact me and I can help you choose clothing that will make you feel the most comfortable. You can also make a Pinterest board for your shoot. Just add clothing, hair, and makeup ideas for your shoot then be sure to add notes under each photo. Share the board with me and from there I can guide you to the best websites and most flattering looks. I also have a variety of shoes, clothing and accessories for you to use.  See a look you want to recreate but not sure you can afford the expensive couture outfits? I can also special order pieces to make your shoot even more fabulous and unique! Lead time and extra pricing will be required.

Another thing I hear often is that clients are not sure how to pose and worried of looking awkward or uncomfortable. There is no need to stress about posing. I know exactly how to pose all the way down to your finger tips and toes! All you need to do is show up to your dream shoot ready to have some fun. When it is time for your shoot I will give you directions such as, “bring that shoulder towards me, or move your chin forward a bit, and put your hand here, etc.” I will even mirror the pose so you can see how it looks. It is super easy!

Being nervous is totally normal, but I promise nerves will melt away very soon! After 5 minutes of shooting you will see how fun and easy it is. I will only shoot you within your comfort level. Finally I never share your images without your written permission. You will have to option to not share, share only that don't have your face, or share them all! Have more questions I didn't cover here? Be sure to use the contact form above to send me a message. I will be more than happy to answer any questions you have by e-mail, phone, or we can meet up for a cup of coffee or tea! I look forward to hearing from you.