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Creative Portraits in Commercial Spaces

Recently, I read a blog on Petapixel by Jenna Martin called "Ugly Places, Pretty Portraits: I Did a Photo Shoot in Lowe's" and was intrigued by the concept.(You can see Ms. Martin's blog here Ms.Martin decided that instead of shooting in a typical portrait setting she would challenge herself with a location that had horrible lighting and ugly backdrops. Her location for this shoot was a big name home improvement store, Lowe's.

I love a good challenge and decided to try my hand at this one as well. After talking with my model, Zayda, we set a date and some rules for this shoot. No strobes or flashes were to be used during this shoot, only the available lighting. Zayda would wear a nice dress and heels just like any other portrait shoot. Additionally, we would not photograph in an area that had people in the background.. So with these guidelines we set off!

As it is the Christmas season Lowe's was packed with lots of shoppers the day of our shoot. This just added to our challenge but I was up for it! I did a quick walk around before Zayda arrived to get an idea of what lighting was available and to scout a few locations. Once she arrived we only spent about an hour shooting. One Lowe's employee got a kick out of us shooting by all of the building materials. We had a great time and I am looking forward to doing more of these challenges. I think during the new year I will be doing something similar at least once a quarter. If you are a model and interested just send me a message under my contact page. Now without further ado here are the results of our shoot! I hope you enjoy looking at them as much as we enjoyed creating them!