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Tulle Project

This past term I got to use the Toyo View, a large format camera, for my assignments. This allowed me to use tilt/shift and give the images a more artistic feel. I believe this camera helps achieve a more fine art look to each image as well. I took advantage of the time and created some more women's portraiture. Below is my artist statement and images. This project also gave me a chance to put together some tulle skirts and dresses. Enjoy!

The focus of my work is women’s portraiture. I want to use the power of photography to combat poor self-image issues among women. Woman are bombarded on a daily basis with negative messages from the media. It is my goal to empower women to feel feminine and sexy through these portraits. It is my belief that every woman deserves a chance to take time out for herself and feel beautiful. My role as a photographer is to capture these moments in time and document the beauty in each of us. For me there is nothing greater than for a women to see herself through my eyes and realize she is truly beautiful.



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