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Bath Bomb!

Sometimes when I talk about boudoir, women give a scrunched up face and comments such as, "Oh no I just couldn't! I need to lose weight, tone up, don't have time, etc." I believe this reaction comes from the media and fashion magazines pushing this "perfect" body image. It is important for me to show just how beautiful each woman is through my photography. 

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Silver and Gold Queens

The planning for this shoot started several years ago when I saw other photographers using items from home improvement stores for their shoots. I just love creating unique pieces as well as seeing ordinary objects in a new light. 

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What is a head shot and why would you need one? A head shot simply is an image of a person, usually from the torso up. It does not have to just be of the head and torso however. Depending on what you are using it for and what you are trying to convey it can be simple or creative, head or full body, in a studio or in some type of environment.

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